Men’s Leather Goods Collection

These leather goods for men are hand crafted.All our designs exude the best in distinct quality,so whether you’re looking for a leather satchel for men, leather briefcase,a vintage leather backpack for men, or even a leather duffle bag for men, our range ticks all the boxes

  • Leather Briefcases

    Leather Briefcases

    8 products

  • Leather Messenger Bags

    Leather Messenger Bags

    16 products

  • Leather Duffle Bags

    Leather Duffle Bags

    10 products

  • Leather Backpacks

    Leather Backpacks

    15 products

  • Leather Camera Bags

    Leather Camera Bags

    5 products

  • Leather Sling Bags

    Leather Sling Bags

    7 products