About Us

What are the first things that spring to mind when you think about the words ‘Old Town Leather Company?

old town leather goods

Do you immediately think of rugged, time-worn artisans toiling away in a dusty workshop, surrounded by the tools of their trade? Or maybe you envision a grand old store, full of intricate and beautiful leather goods, with a knowledgeable staff who can help you find the right item?

Maybe your thoughts are so vivid that you can smell the leather, hear the creak of the old floors, and see the sunlight glinting off the polished brass hardware.

You might think about the long-standing tradition of quality craftsmanship that goes into every one of our products. You might also think about our dedication to customer service, always going the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy. Or maybe you simply think about the fact that we have the best leather goods in the business – bar none.

Whatever it is that comes to mind when you think of Old Town Leather Company, one thing is for sure – we are a company that evokes passion. We are passionate about our products, our customers, and our company.

Whatever your mental image may be, it likely contains some truth because, for us, it’s all about the details. Established in 2014, the Old Town Leather Company is a modern take on the classic American leather goods store. To blend the best of the old with the new is what we’re all about.

old town leather goods

We only use the highest quality materials, and each item is crafted by hand, using time-honored methods passed down through generations. But we don’t stop there – each piece is infused with modern sensibility and style. Combining the old with the new creates a marriage that even the most jaded cynic can’t help but find intriguing.

Every product is designed with the customer in mind. We want to ensure that they get the best possible quality and service. This is what drives us to be the best at what we do. We constantly strive to improve our products and services so our customers can have the best possible experience.

You’ll feel our passion and love for top-quality leather products the moment you set eyes on our Old Town Leather Co. Ltd products. What does that mean for you? Our products are built to last – they’ll only improve with age. The full-grain leather will develop a beautiful patina over time, and each piece will become more unique as it takes on its own personality; a personality that can reflect your own and be passed down through generations.

Leather goods

But it’s not just about making pretty things; we also care about how our products will stand up to the tests of time. We want them to be an investment that will last for years or even decades. That’s why we only use the best materials available and take the time to ensure that each product is up to our high standards.

Our Old Town Leather Co. Ltd products are more than just objects; they reflect who we are as a company. We’re passionate about quality, we care about our customers, and we’re always striving to be the best we can be. When you purchase one of our products, you’re not just buying leather goods; there is way more to it.

Our extensive range of products is perfect for everyone, from the fashion-conscious to the practical-minded. We have something for everyone, and our commitment to quality ensures you’ll be happy with your purchase for years to come.

Bringing the skills and uniqueness of history into the future is not easy, but we firmly believe that today’s modern consumer is looking for something different. They long for the quality and craftsmanship of days gone by while not sacrificing all we have learned from the present.

The modern consumer is searching for quality, style, and a story – all of which can be found at Old Town Leather Company. We could go on and on about our passion for quality leather products, but we think it’s best if you experience it for yourself. Browse our site, take a look at our leather products, and experience the Old Town Leather Company difference.